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Our Story

Our story begins with an observation and negative perception of the current market and a longing to fix the issues within. Looking from the outside as consumers this is what prompted the beginning of our journey and brand.

The Mission

The issue is – for the most part, jewellery is often viewed as a status symbol, something expensive and everything that doesn’t cost a lot is usually not of good quality.  This is where The Good Stuff comes in –  wanting to position ourselves as South Africa’s premium jewellery for streetwear we produce quality jewellery at affordable prices, that’s made to last.

The Vision

We are more than just another jewellery brand, something other than just another accessory, we are an expansion of you, a visual partner journeying to the absolute best form of yourself, any way you decide to characterize it, we understand that if you look good, you feel good, you play good. We are The Good Stuff Jewellery.

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